Israel Experience 2023

For seven days, YOY juniors traveled to beautiful and significant locations across Israel. The goal of the annual trip is to deepen students’ connection to the land of Israel, bring Jewish history and heritage to life, and strengthen the bonds between the students.

On Shabbos Parshas Shemos, alumni studying in Israel reconnected with the visiting YOY bochurim for an unforgettable Shabbos together.

In his recorded Erev Shabbos address to the Yeshiva, Rabbi Feldman cited the Chofetz Chaim who notes that when Shifra and Pua were commanded by Pharoh to kill all the Jewish baby boys, they could have chosen to quit rather than risk defying orders. Instead, they realized the future of the Jewish people was on the line, and they were willing to be moser nefesh to disobey Pharoh’s decree.

Said Rabbi Feldman, “as we walked through the streets of Yerushalayim, and took in the sights and experiences of centuries of Jewish history and vibrant Jewish life, you saw the impact of Shifra and Pua’s courage reverberate through history. Like them, each one of us has the ability to shape the future with our actions.”

Students returned back to Boston carrying this empowering message with them. They gained so much from each new experience, and their return uplifted the entire yeshiva.   

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