Developing the Whole Student

Torah: Learn it, live it, love it

A vibrant Jewish education extends beyond the classroom.

The Israel Experience

YOY’s annual 11th grade Yeshiva Israel Experience (YIE), aims to strengthen the bond between our students and Eretz Yisrael.  It’s a chance to deepen their love for the land and their connection with Hashem (G-d) and with our brothers living there. While for some, it’s a return visit and for others it’s a first, the trip is an experience all of them treasure.

Clubs & Athletics

Enter the building during free time and you’ll be met with an ever changing tapestry of opportunity. A drum in the basement. A robotics team. A joint student video-making session. The basketball team practicing outside.

No two people are the same. Different interests. Different goals. Different temperaments. Our small class sizes allow us the flexibility of tailoring clubs + teams for each class as a whole and each boy as an individual.

2023 Athletics:

  • Flag Football
  • Tennis
  • Running
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Skiing
A jewish boy volunteering

Impacting the Community

As young adults, our students are entering the next phase of their lives. At YOY we encourage the boys to see themselves as part of something larger and to be mindful of their position as givers within the greater community.

Student Journey


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