January in Review

Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Novoseller addresses the students

The Power of Speech

Each morning after davening, Rabbi Berzansky dedicates a few minutes to address the school on the topic of shimras halashon, guarding one’s speech. Following a national program adapted from Sefer Chofetz Chaim and tailored to highschool yeshivos, these concise halachos these concise halachos serve as a powerful reminder to prioritize mindful speech. 

Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Novoseller, the program’s director, recently visited the Yeshiva and elaborated on the significance of this mitzvah to our students. Learning the laws of speech together each day, sets a positive and empowering tone for the Yeshiva.

Students hand-deliver supplies to troops at Mevo Dotan army base

Israel Trip Duffel Bag Project

Looking for ways to help during the 11th grade’s recent school trip to Israel, students connected with an incredible volunteer organization in NY to assist with transporting supplies to IDF soldiers. The organization shipped the much-needed gear to the Yeshiva. Students at the Yeshiva quickly packed the supplies into 20 duffel bags. Some bags accompanied them on their El-Al flight from Logan and the remainder were sent to El-Al flights departing from JFK. 

Students had the honor of personally delivering one bag to soldiers stationed at the Mevo Dotan army base. They were able to tour the base and meet some of the dedicated religious soldiers currently serving.   

Mr. Riedel and 12th graders explore at the Museum of Science

Trip to the Museum of Science

This month, 12th grade students visited the Museum of Science accompanied by their teachers, Dr. Berlove and Mr. Riedel. Dr. Berlove’s biochemistry class delved into the museum’s exhibit on epigenetics, a subject they studied in detail during class.
Additionally, the trip proved relevant to AP Physics, allowing students to interact with concepts like rotational momentum and moment of inertia, providing a hands-on approach to textbook topics. 

The trip wasn’t just informative but also immensely enjoyable for all. Mr. Reidel especially valued how such field trips awaken the scientist in everyone, encouraging curiosity, investigation, and exploration.

Tournament winners!

Annual 3x3 Basketball Tournament

Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael recently organized its exhilarating annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament, showcasing talent from boys in grades 7-12. The victorious team comprised Akiva Bressel (12th grade), Shua Kashnow (7th grade), and Dovid Kamoun (8th grade).

The round-robin format with nine competing teams ran seamlessly, fostering a fun evening of spirited competition among boys from three local schools. Every participant, regardless of the outcome, enjoyed the event, leaving with commemorative t-shirts and looking forward to next year’s tournament.

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