Our World is Built on Kindness

Time truly does fly.

As the Yom Tov of Pesach nears with COVID-19 still on people’s minds, it feels as if it wasn’t so long ago
that many were preparing for Pesach with the hopes that life would go back to normal as quickly as it
takes to buy back our Chometz.

Unfortunately, though we are accustomed to our ‘new normal’, there are many who are still unable to
go outside safely. In an effort to alleviate the burden for those preparing for Pesach who still aren’t able
to venture out safely, the YOY Bochurim have taken it upon themselves to help with Tevillas Keilim free
of charge!

Rabbi Hellman of the Young Israel of Brookline has graciously allowed access to their Keilim Mikvah in
order to make this all possible. So far, the Bochurim have done Tevillas Keilim for almost 15 families, and
are looking forward to helping even more!

Project coordinator Rabbi Yaakov Berzansky explained that the opportunity gave the Bochurim a chance
to give back, and for the community to recognize the sterling Middos the Bochurim personify.
Yashar Kochachem!

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