Recognizing Sterling Character

The conclusion of the school year at Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael is a time of reflection and celebration by our students. A year of hard work can manifest as many things; a perfect GPA, a siyum or a graduation.

It can also manifest as a very special award that recognizes students who are always the first to care for others. The Rose Ruderman Scholar Award does just that. Each year, one student from each of Greater Boston’s Orthodox Jewish day schools is nominated by his or her peers for their commitment to kindness.

Mazel tov to Yoseph Feld for his well deserved honor.
“Yoseph is a kindhearted, good natured young man. He is always the first to volunteer to assist with a Minyan or anything associated with the running of the shul. His pleasant demeanor makes him an easy friend for all the students of YOY. Yoseph has been a regular member of the YOY Yachad Club and seeks ways to forge friendships with all people around him.”

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