Strength in Times of Adversity

I was devastated when I got word that, like all schools in our area, Yeshiva Ohr Ysrael would be closing in response to the pandemic. I wasn’t very confident that virtual classes could fill the void created by the lack of Torah study in our yeshiva and yeshivos across the globe.

However, I must admit that Rabbi Feldman did an amazing job establishing a semi-normal environment and practical expectations for our students. In my class, we continued as normal with our regular gemarah shiur (talmud lesson) – test quizzes and all! We also covered a lot of very relevant halochos (laws) about Pesach.

Our boys really stepped up to the plate despite the challenges. They have truly inspired me! I’ve been getting emails and phone calls throughout the day with questions on the material we are learning and even some material they voluntarily review on their own.

It’s been a real chizuk (source of strength) to see in our yeshiva, in Boston, and across the globe how “stubborn ” we Yidden are at keeping our regular Torah study at a distance! We have all been maximizing our opportunity to continue our Torah learning despite the endless excuses to put it on hold for the time being.

Now more than ever, as we daven for those affected by this terrible gezirah (decree), we realize that our one and only hope is turning to our Father in Heaven!

May Hashem hear our tefilos (prayers) and may we merit this Chodosh (month) to the ultimate redemption!

Rabbi Yaakov Berzansky teachers at Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael. View his bio here.
Goal in education:
To make Gemara enjoyable and to help each boy reach his potential!

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