Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael Basketball

The Flames, A Winning Team

The YOY basketball team, The Flames, have a lot to be proud of. Coach Meir Zimmerman is proud of the progress they have made in learning to play basketball at a higher level and coming together as a team. In addition to improving their overall skill, the team has a lot of fun! In fact, it’s one of they Yeshiva’s most popular extra-curriculars.

Basketball team huddle during a game
The Flames huddle during a game.

The Flames often play against area charter and private schools. Our students are aware that when they play, they carry the responsibility of representing not only our school, but Orthodox Jews as a whole. Sportsmanship and Derech Eretz are on display both on and off the court. 

“We’ve gotten some wins and grown as a team,” says Zimmerman. “Veterans on the team help the freshmen. Younger kids, not even in high school yet, are interested in the games too! It’s exciting to be part of something like this and represent our school.”

Dads vs. Flames pick-up game
Dads vs. Flames pick-up game.

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